If your looking for the perfect coffee table read this christmas or summer (or whenever), then Story on a plate will be the perfect match. The book is designed and curated to be inspiring, informative and provocative with its use of imagery. You will be guided through six ‘courses’: Tools, Colour, Texture, Ceramics, Aroma and Shape. All displaying simple ideas and techniques to help design your own plates using both art form and storytelling. You are educated on the importance of food and how we can change our everyday eating habits into a 5 star resturant or a sushi sensation.

Story on a Plate concieved & edited by Gestalten

Lets just say the Berlin food scene is bloody fantastic. If you love food or you are a picky eater, Berlin is a perfect place. Not only can you recieve food from any part of the globe, you can also find food suitable for any dietry need. With Berlins food scene booming so is the talent of food concept designers whom play, experiment and change the way people are looking at gastronomy. As I was here for 3 months I would try to eat out as much as possible (on an internship budget) however I am telling you know Berlin is defiantly not the cheapest of cities and the money can quickly fly out your purse.
Top food places I found:

Cocolo Ramen
Zeit für Brot (cinnamon buns!!)
Zola pizza
Cafe Fleury (French dream in Berlin)
Abirams Indian
Rocket & Basil
Bonanza Coffee Heroes
Mustafa’s Gemuse Kebap
Korner Brot